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Nonesuch Distillery

Mon 07 August

A unique opportunity — Whisky Making Day #1

Spend the day with our distiller and participate in each and every step in producing a craft Whisky. You will be absolutely hands-on as you experience traditional craft distilling first-hand in a small family owned and operated distillery.

You will be actively involved in everything from milling the grain, mashing-in and producing the wort, taking specific gravity readings and starting the fermentation.

During the distillation you will help determine the “cut points”, take and record alcohol by volume measurements, use conversion tables and even prepare and filling a cask. The cask will bear your name and signature as part of the distilling team.

Morning tea, coffee and a distillers lunch will be provided and you will enjoy a dram or two of specially selected whiskies. You will be one of very few to sample the maturing the spirit in one of our casks. You will also get a gift pack as a memento of your day.

When: Monday 7th August
Where: Nonesuch Distillery, Forcett
Time: 8:30 am — 4:30 pm 
Cost: $365 per person
Pax: Limited to a maximum 3 people per day