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Landscape x Old Kempton Distillery

Thu 16 August

Five courses and five paired Old Kempton Distillery single malt whiskies, held at the Landscapes Bar and Grill Restaurant. An unforgettable dining experience on Hobart’s waterfront, set within the original sandstone and timber fabric of the 1830s IXL building. It is a modern, dark space, surrounded by the iconic art of John Glover. It is centred upon a selection of premium Tasmanian produce cooked predominantly on the wood-fired Asado Grill. The special dinner will have the Asado Grill fuelled by a Old Kempton whisky cask!

Includes five course dinner + five matched Old Kempton whiskies

When: Thursday 16th August
Where: Landscape Restaurant
Time: 7:00pm
Cost: $275.00